You know, I was raised a certain way and taught how to only cook certain things. When it comes to JUST cooking veggies, I’ve had to teach myself. But honestly, it wasn’t as hard as I originally thought it would be. Just today I made my fiance a warm Mediterranean quinoa salad and it came out pretty dang good. 

I think the fact that I come from a Mexican family that only ever cooked Mexican food makes this a little more difficult as well. The only thing that doesn’t really have any type of animal product that my father would make was his salsa. Haha. But today, I’m making pozole: vegan style. (: I didn’t think it was possible until I actually started throwing things together. Who knew? I sure as heck didn’t. I now know I can make the things I grew up eating that will now fit my lifestyle and eating habits and make them taste better than I remember them.

So that’s my post for today. I just needed to get that out there. Haha. If anyone has any recipes that you’d like to share, I’m completely down to share some of mine. My fiance has a thing for cookies so … if any of you have a good vegan cookie recipe you’d like to share in exchange for one of mine, I’m ALL for that. [[x